Remembering Elliott Smith

In 2013 it is 10 years since Elliott Smith, an incredible musician and a real master of the studio, passed away. I really appreciate his achievements high above anything else released since then, although I always try to embrace all kinds of new music. Nowadays, lyrics appear to have no priority anymore, but Elliott Smith didn’t wasted any words, and each and every of his songs draws you into his catchy lyrics.

As I have always been a huge fan of Elliott’ music, I decided to put some effort into re-launching this website that has been the best forum for the fans of Elliott Smith for so many years. Now we all will have another chance to share plenty of stuff about Elliott, and I will add a few of my own stories as well. This website is sponsored by Educate The

Quick details in relation to Elliott Smith:

The well-known Elliott Smith memorial wall can be found on 4334 sunset blvd., Los Angeles, California. Elliott Smith was photographed at this location for his 2000 ‘Figure 8’ album cover, and nowadays some small Jameson Irish Whiskey bottles (his favorite drink), and candles are still there in memory of this unique artist.

First of all I want to tell you that Gil Reyes directed and funded the documentary Searching for Elliott Smith. The film has not been slated for commercial release yet, but it’s shown from time to time. You can read about it on their Facebook page. 

 Searching for Elliott Smith is a documentary screening to commemorate the 10-year anniversary of Elliott’s passing.

Elliott Smith was born on August 1969 in Omaha, Nebraska and he grew up in Duncanville, Texas. Actually he was one of the most unexpected indie-rock musicians to hit it big in the pop and rock industry. Elliott, born Steven Paul Smith, was a singer-songwriter especially known for his songs for the Gus van Sant movie Good Will Hunting including Miss Misery, which got an Oscar-nomination. In 1984, Elliott Smith relocated to Portland, and moved in with his father Gary Smith and his wife Martha Greenwald.

In High School, Elliott played in a band called Stranger than Fiction, and he soon became one of the leading musicians in Portland music scene and 1993 he released his first album Dead Air together with the band Heatmiser. Fortunately Elliott didn’t dropped out and didn’t need GED classes like we provide in In 1994 Elliott Smith released his first solo album titled Roman Candle, and later he mover from the tiny record label Cavity Search to the more impressive Kill Rock Stars label. This switch boosted his reputation and Smith got the nickname ‘Nick Drake of the indie-rock.’ Together with the band Heatmiser he made two more albums that didn’t do so well. Smith’s folky acoustic-influenced solo records, such as 1997′s highly acclaimed Either/Or, were anti-ehetical in the eyes of his indie peers in those days. Continue Reading